How old was Asi? Asi Ezer celebrates his 42nd birthday. His TV partner Rotem Sela greeted me wholeheartedly with a photo of him with Bar Refaeli. Who in turn asked to marry Rotem. All the details in Celebs News.

Asi Ezer and Rotem Sela celebrate 42


The couple who occupy the screen in all primetime shows and commercials never cease to amaze. On the occasion of Ezer's 42nd birthday, Rotem Sela posted a personal post in which she wrote:
" My Asi is 42. Congratulations on your birthday boy. I wish you to always be healthy and happy. I chose our amazing picture. A moment of pure happiness, in which you are so happy that I am by your side, as always.NB- God helps how beautiful I am here. Wow. Love you forever my friend ".

To the post on Instagram, Rotem Sela attached a photo of Ezer with the model Bar Refaeli. Among the many devastating reactions was that of Bar herself who responded to Rotem: "Rotem will marry me" and added in a separate response: "Ah. And congratulations to Asi. "

Ezer Bar Refaeli: "We will continue to harass each other forever"


Ezer, for his part, did not remain obligated and posted his own post with a greeting for Bar Refaeli's 40th birthday with a picture in which she is seen from the back, in which he wrote:
" Congratulations, my Bar Refaeli. In honor of your 40th birthday. I chose our two best photos together. From Carolina's latest campaign. And I declare here that everyone knew. A drop of Photoshop was not made on you here. Congratulations my soul, that we will continue to harass each other forever.

" I have received 300 responses so far and this is the most accurate. Thank you twin " Rafaeli responded.

Who are you Asi Ezer and when were you born?


Asi Ezer was born in June 1979 in the city of Holon. And to a mixed family of Yemeni and Bukharian descent. He served in the military police and burst onto the stage after winning an exit program. After three seasons, he retired with his friends Shiri Maimon and Mali Levy. "Israel" and they also collaborate on commercials and the series "Being with Her" starring Sela.

Ezer has been married for the past five years to Spanish architect Albert Escola-Bennett.


The paragon of Rotem Sela


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Asi Ezer returns to Bar Refaeli


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How old Asi Ezer
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