It is not easy to be a Bar Refaeli these days. Raising three young children in isolation is no easy task even for trying mothers. Bar Refaeli discovered the solution to silence for mothers in her situation – "shower".

The corona virus does not make life easy for Bar Refaeli, a closure with three small children (four-year-old Liv, three-year-old El, and one-and-a-half-month-old David) is a complex and tiring task. She has swapped the role of the swan for the role of mother goose and shares with surfers her experiences raising the three children (without showing them) in isolation including a viral toy fundraiser.
In a post published by Bar Refaeli, she reveals to surfers a well-known maternal trick for a little quiet "shower". She shares with surfers: "These are the only moments I have for myself, considering taking a shower 20 times a day." In an article we published recently in Israel Celebs, the Israeli celebs worldwide updated that a second after she gave birth to her son, David. Her family members went into solitary confinement and Rafaeli locked herself in her home with three toddlers.

Not a particularly simple task for careerist mothers. Refaeli then posted a variety of photos from home in which she complained that the only time she has for herself is in the showers and that she is considering moving to a pace of 20 showers a day until the end of the corona period.

Israel Celebs understands your heart – it is definitely not easy to raise three children by such a difference. At the same time, just before she went to jail instead of her home, Tzipi Refaeli began filling her Instagram page with dozens of photos from Bar's international career. Recall that according to the plea agreement submitted to the court, Tzipi Refaeli will be sent to prison for one year and four months, Bar Refaeli will want nine months of service work. In addition, each of them will pay NIS 2.5 million.



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The only few minutes I have for myself. Think I would shower 20 times a day!

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