Gemma Chan has been chosen as the new spokesperson for the international cosmetics brand L’OREAL PARIS


Who is Gemma Chan?


Gemma Chan (born 1982), is a British actress,

a feminist who works to raise awareness and promote women's equality,

children's rights, and other social issues.

The international cosmetics brand L’OREAL PARIS  is joining her these days as a new international ambassador.

After graduating in law from Oxford University in 2004,

Chan received an offer to join London's leading law firms as has been noted declined.

even though of pursuing a legal career,

she decided to pursue her dream of acting and managed to pave her way to Hollywood.


Gemma Chan


Gemma's Hollywood career


She has starred in the TV series Sherlock,) The Confession of the Top Whore, and more),

In theatrical performances and in 2018 she broke into Hollywood with the greatest romantic comedy, science fiction film,

and Marvel action movie.

Chan is an outspoken supporter of inclusion and diverse representation in the industry and works to try to change what needs to change.

In 2019 it launched its own Long House production company with the aim of amplifying

the voices and presence of Asia and the American-Asian stories in Hollywood.

Chan fights and works for women's equality and is considered a staunch feminist.

She uses her platform regularly to talk about sexism and violence against women.



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She all things considered recently partnered with a refugee charity to donate her name to the National Aid Prevention Line in England and Wales.

An active and supportive Chan of UNICEF UK,

which aims to help children around the world and create awareness of their plight.

She recently participated in their football aid campaign,

which gives children who have been victims of violence a safe space through sports.



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In addition, during the covid-19 Chan epidemic,

she participated in volunteer activities to provide traditional free meals around the city of London.



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According to Dolphin Weir-Hobas, President of the Global Brand of L’OREAL PARIS:


Gemma Chan is proof of the success that occurs when you have self-confidence

Follow your dreams and speak for others who can follow their dreams.

Committed to its agenda and female empowerment,

Chan is a behind-the-scenes inspiration for young women to make a difference.

We are excited to have her in the family "


Gemma Chan