Gal Gadot announced: Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters!
After quite a few delays due to the corona plague,

Gal Gadot announces that the film,

which is expected to be a blockbuster, is coming to the big screen.


Gal Gadot in huge news on her Instagram page:


Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters!

The film is expected to hit theaters in the United States and also on HBO's streaming service on December 25th!

In many cities across the U.S.,

theaters have closed and will probably only really open toward the end of December,

While in the rest of the world the film will be released as early as December 16.

Gal Gadot Israeli Pride –

announced to the whole world and wrote as follows:

"It's time. We've all been waiting for this moment so long.

I can't explain how excited I am."

Gadot spoke about the decision to release the new film in theaters despite the issue of the epidemic and restrictions:

"It was not an easy decision.

We did not think we would have to postpone it for so long, but the Corona has shaken our world."



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The release of the film "Wonder Woman 1984" in streaming and only in some cinemas in the world,

is a relative loss for the film's producers.

This is because they invested huge sums close to $ 200 million in it.

The first "Wonder Woman" movie – came out in 2017 and became a blockbuster!

It grossed $ 821 million in theaters worldwide.

Of course, the sequel "Wonder Woman 1984" would also be expected to rake in such sums if all the cinemas in the world were to open.



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Gadot summed up the matter nicely and wrote:


"We feel the film has never been so relevant,

and we hope it will bring joy, hope, and love to your hearts.

Wonder Woman 1984 is very special to me, and I can only hope it will be special to you too.

We have invested our heart and soul in it, "

"Then you can watch it in the cinemas (they do an amazing job of keeping it safe)

And also on HBO MAX from your homes.

Sending you my love, please keep your confidence and wear a mask. "

We are waiting for the return of the woman and the legend here in the Israeli cinemas as well

Until then,

we will have to make do with the fact that we have an Israeli representative

who does not stop producing action and sympathy?

Gal Gadot
Wonder Woman screenshot from Gal Gadot's Instagram