Eden Elena finished the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with an amazing performance. The singer arrived at a high and surprising place in relation to expectations and anti-Israel following Operation Guardian of the Walls. Watch a performance and photos of our Eden Elena.

Eden Elena 2021 Eurovision final – Israeli pride

The Israeli representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Eden Elena, surprised already in the semi-finals in the midst of Operation "Wall Guard" with an impressive and liberated performance by a graduate of two realistic music programs.

With a voice from heaven and polished performance. Elena managed to get enough voices with the song 'set me free on the final stage of the competition in the Netherlands.

Eden advanced to the 65th Eurovision final third in line.

After a well-planned and successful performance. she wrapped herself in the Israeli flag.

Even after the performance. she danced at the foot of the stage of the 26 competitors in the competition.

As in the semifinals. Elena finished the song in the finale with the famous whistle and thanked the audience in four different languages:

Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Amharic. Five dancers from Israel performed alongside Elena.

The highest in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest

Fans of the show claim that the Israeli singer broke a Eurovision record (since Mia Belgadan represented Croatia in 1996) upon reaching the high third octave (B6).

Star of reality shows and singer on. a tradition of successes

Firstly Eden burst into our lives at X-Factor 2017.

Secondly. She is the only singer to have won two musical reality shows.

Thirdly Both in X Factor Israel and in the next star for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.

set me free

The corona plague has repeatedly rejected global competition.

And the song set me free was chosen in front of the songs, La la love. And Ue la la.

Who are you, Eden Elena? The first Ethiopian singer on the Eurovision stage

The young singer celebrated a total of 21 years.

She celebrated her 21st birthday this month on 07.05.2021.

She was born in Kathmandu to a family of Ethiopian immigrants

and is also the first Ethiopian singer at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eden Elena Eurovision
Elena in the Eurovision 2021 final Credit Photo: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING
Eden Elena Eurovision
Eden Elena Eurovision
Elena in the Eurovision 2021 final Credit Photo: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING