Big Brother Live 24/7 is back for another season, the broadcast will start on December 5, 2021, and we can not wait!


Big Brother Live: All the rumors about the contestants to come!


Favorite reality – Big Brother returns for a new season
We seem to be on the verge of a flood of promos preparing us for the entry of new tenants into the fireplace house,
For quarrels that you can't stop seeing, political wars, failed loves, and bizarre relationships with a camera – we're ready, you can start!

So who will be the new tenants?

Who will enter our hearts? Who will annoy us?
We have prepared a list with all the latest rumors and guesses currently on the net:


Elimelech Keshti, brother of Tom Keshti.


The little brother of the one we remember from the race for a million and Golstar,

And one of 7 brothers and sisters with perfect genetics for the arched house,

Will probably star in a sequel to the upcoming Big Brother season.



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Mordechai Hassidim – the rabbi of the celebs


Of course, this year, too, they are trying to produce a variety of characters in the fireplace house, and in the religious niche, they turn to those who sell a lot of quite a few celebs.

Yehuda Levy, Aviv Alush, Guy Zo Eretz and Yael Bar Zohar, Kobi Peretz, Zion Baruch, and many others in the entertainment industry love and strengthen with Rabbi Medi Permanent

It is not clear if he will enter the fireplace house but rumor has it that he will definitely install a mezuzah at the entrance – important!


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Mulu Araga – a top model


In front of him, Arga is only 22 years old and has already modeled for very well-known brands in the country:

Adika, Softtach, Fox, etc. Arga was recently signed to international agencies in Miami and London and is represented in Israel by an ITM agency that has already created a variety of modeling hits such as Omar Nodelman, Yael Shelby, Anna Zack, and Eden Pines!

It only makes sense that all this glam would reach the red carpet's catwalk on the way to the fireplace.



Big Brother Live


Josie Arena – Who said Moon said and did not accept?


Another rumor this time concerns the French reality refugee,

Anyone who has been in survival and in the race for a million probably wants a reality show with a couch to rest on a bit – and the chances of him entering are very high!


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Zehava Ben – the Queen Mother


Whoever brought quite a few oriental-style hits to Galgalatz, will probably come in and immediately become the mother of the house.


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Inbar Bitan – the daughter of

Former Minister David Bitan's daughter is a successful Instagram anchor, I wonder if she will talk about politics inside the fireplace house.


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And in the meantime, according to the promos – it seems that there is going to be a contender from every country in the world:



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So here are the best for now – share us in the comments:

What do you think about the castings for Big Brother House 2021?


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