The Evil Eye: Just yesterday we published the dream vacation of Dana Zarmon and Guy Bitton in the islands of Greece
And here it was just a few hours later

apparently, too many evil eyes caused an unexplained sprain in the star's leg.

We checked the details and brought them to you:

Meanwhile discussing a vacation in Greece, the current corona closure has brought quite a few Israelis into a difficult economic situation,

according to a labor force survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

In the country, the economic situation has become difficult,

as has been noted there are still those whose job it is to rest in dreamy places, those who take our eyes off well.

With all due respect to the unemployed, the section believes that Pargan does not cost money,

And if it has already closed, and if it has already Corona…

It's not easy being Dana Zarmon


Dana Zarmon
Screenshot from Dana Zarmon's Instagram


Laughter with the bestie – Danit Greenberg


Dana Zarmon
Screenshot from the story of Dana Zarmon


When all of a sudden, for no apparent reason – Dana sprained her leg.


Dana Zarmon
Screenshot from the story of Dana Zarmon

Does the evil eye discuss Zarmon?

The star shared

the first thing to remember night from Greece that they probably opened too many eyes to her and her dream vacation,

Quite a few haters and jealous of the photos that are now floating around Instagram,

Which made Dana think it might be time to close the public profile,

At least until the rage passes, and until it returns to the blue and white of Israel.

But we are fortunately devout followers, and those who have followed before can still watch

Luckily for you – we at Celebs News also bring you what is no longer public.

However do not forget to wish for a recovery !!


Dana Zarmon
Screenshot from Instagram: Dana Zarmon