Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram- Portuguese footballer, who fell ill with the  Corona  disease this week 

continues to drive fans crazy, launching a new sports drink for energy supply

Cristiano Ronaldo instagram International football star, and Olympic player ,

!never ceases to amaze

After announcing this week that he unfortunately got the Corona virus

the footballer who leads the list of sports celebs on social media ,

has updated that he has developed together with sports nutrition experts from the international nutrition company Herbalife

.a hypotonic sports drink for energy supply and improved endurance performance

:According to Cristiano Ronaldo, model Rodriguez's husband

,I want to share my experiences of using Herbalife products"

especially with young people just starting out in sports

I'd use the CR7 DRIVE sports drink I developed with Herbalife experts

! during my games and training and the results are wonderful

.I am recovering

Feeling much better

.When I'm not, I feel tired

If I do not add nutrients and return what I lost during training

.I feel that my body is not functioning as efficiently

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram


Tip from Cristiano Ronaldo
























To make sure the body gets the right 'fuel' and is ready for optimal performance"

.it is recommended to start the day with a good breakfast,

:an example for lunch to eat

.quality meat, fish, and carbohydrates

The difference is that it is very important to focus on recovery"

and provide the body with the right nutrients

 ."immediately after training and games


The drink also contains a unique formula that contains essential electrolytes

such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium,

which are important for the proper functioning of the nervous-muscular system

.and prevent muscle contraction during and after exertion


All things considered

contains vitamins B12 and B1 that contribute to proper metabolism

.and energy production processes in the body



Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram
Herbalife CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo – PR photo


Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram


In addition

it contains an easy-to-digest mixture of 4 types of carbohydrates

that provide the body with glucose for immediate and lasting energy

Studies have shown that carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks help maintain endurance

.performance during prolonged endurance training





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