Yehuda Barkan succumbed to corona disease. The director and creator who is known for the film "Stolen Daddy" and the thrillers fell ill in Corona and was hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital until his death. The entertainment world in Israel is mourning his death.

Yehuda Barkan is no longer with us.


Hadassah Hospital issued the following announcement this evening:

"We sadly announce the passing of the actor and director Yehuda Barkan. Barkan turned to Hadassah Ein Kerem about four weeks ago. After falling ill in Corona and his condition deteriorated.

Upon arrival, he was treated in the intensive care unit due to respiratory deterioration.

And after a few days was resuscitated and put to sleep.
The staff of the intensive care unit at Hadassah Ein Kerem treated Barkan day and night with great dedication while trying several treatment options in order to recover it.

Barkan passed away last night, his family managed to come and say goodbye to him and warmly thanked the medical staff who treated him in recent weeks. We share their deep sorrow. "

Former Barkan Berkowitz was an actor, and a film director who broke into the shows and thrillers he wrote and directed.

And was identified with the borax films "Charlie and a Half" and "Snooker Celebration."

Barkan also won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israeli Film Academy.

Barkan was born in 1945. He has been married three times and has repented in recent years. He is survived by three children: Dana Barkan, Roi Barkan, and Ido Barkan.


Minister of Culture and Sports Hili Trooper paid tribute to Barkan:


"When Shabbat came out, I learned of the death of actor, director, and creator Yehuda Barkan.

Yehuda was one of the greatest and most talented actors Israel has ever known.

To bring moments of humor and joy to every Israeli home over many years.

My sincere condolences to his wife, children, and family, may his memory be blessed. "


The Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, MK Brigadier General (Res.) Miri Regev wrote on the Facebook page:


The late Yehuda Barkan. The words will not be able to express the deep sadness that I feel together with many of the people of Israel.

Yehuda, the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Film Academy, was and will remain one of our most talented film and television stars, a symbol of the tribal bonfire, of Israeli cinema celebrations, whose scripts are remembered by so many by heart.

He was also very much a kind of the father of Israeli comedy and humor, who inspired the filmmakers for their generations and the Israeli audience, who used to watch his films. Judah from our people, but the characters he played, will stay with us forever. "


The last interview: "For me, a religious person is a person who comes and takes the verse of" and love your neighbor as yourself "and applies it in practice."


Yehuda Barkan participated shortly before she fell ill in Corona in the program "Meeting with Roni Koben".

Tonight, with the news of his death.

The last interview with him will be broadcast on Here 11 at 9:30 PM.

The show was scheduled to air as part of the new season of "Meeting" which will air in about three weeks and aired prematurely due to his death from Corona.

Proportions, and also about the period when Yehuda Yechezkel Berkovich, a son of new immigrants, was still in Netanya.

"There is a situation," Barkan replies, laughing. The program will be broadcast tonight, immediately after the Saturday news at 9:30 pm here 11.


Yehuda Barkan
The late Roni Koben and Yehuda Barkan. Photo credit: Raz Dadi