Mostly when a celebrity does something, like the worst celebrity haircuts: the public tends to follow them.

It is only because the fans of that celebrity love them.

It, however, hoes the other way sometimes.

So, here we will discuss some of the worst celebrity haircuts.

is is because the celebrities do something that is not likable while they are trying to do something unique?

let's look at the insughts weve collected:

Jennifer Lopez.

Who can forget this look that Jennifer Lopez tried to rock this look?

Whether it was the wrong selection of style or the stylist made a mistake, the style was not looking good on her.

The backcombing on the middle front part was okay, but the curly and pussy sides looked weird.



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Shia LaBeouf.

Whether he was tired of his curly hair or tried to do something new,

this man incredibly messed up on his hair because this style was not very good in terms of looks.

With curly medium short hair on top and chest-length braid and shaved sides,

the overall look was not very attractive.



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Kelly Osbourne.

This time the haircut was not the only problem,

but the hair dye added to the problems in the haircut of Kelly Osbourne.

The style was unconventional, and the bright pink color made it unmatched with many outfits as well.



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Keith Urban.

Well, a guy can have long hair, but this man tried doing something different.

Whether you call it steps or you call it anything else.

The look of having short hair on the front and extended towards the back never suited him.



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Scarlett Johansson.

There was a time when she tried to rock a mullet in 2003.

However, things never came out to be she wanted them as the haircut was not looking very great.



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Tyra Banks.

The combination of puffy backcombed hair with waved sides and back was never thought to be as bad as it looked.

When she tried to do this at the 2004 Vibe Awards, she was not looking very great.

It is one of the reasons why she is on the list of worst celebrity haircuts.



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Everyone can make mistakes, but when a celebrity does this, things get worse.

Something that most of the celebrities have tried to innovate but messed up is haircuts.

So, here we discussed the worst celebrity haircuts.

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