Where can former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be photographed with network star Anna Zack? In the introduction of a Torah scroll. All the details and celebs who participated in the article.

Ehud Olmert and Anna Zack celebrate the introduction of a Torah scroll with Gulbari


A festive event on the occasion of the introduction of a Torah scroll was held this week by businessmen:

David, Moshe, and Yaakov Global, owners of the GOLBARY chain and the Sakra chain.

Businessmen, senior members of the economy and rabbis were invited to the event, who, together with their family members, were privileged to sign the last letter in the Torah scroll.

Ehud Olmert, Hezi Bezalel, Minister of Religions, Rabbi David Lau, and businessmen signed the last letter in a Torah scroll

Among the participants are the Chief Rabbi of Israel and the President of the Great Court, Rabbi David Lau, Shlita. The Minister of Religions, Rabbi Yaakov Avitan, Shlita.

Moshe Fadlon, Mayor of Herzliya, alongside former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Businessman Hezi Bezalel. CEO of the Ofer Malls Group Moshe Rosenblum.

Businessman Yoav Popushdo. Freddy Insaz from the owners of the Scoop chain

. Avi Shomer from the owners of Tzomet Sefarim. Businessman Shefi Sasson.

Moshe Levy is a hero of Israel. Pharm.

My fellow bears. The contractors Tzafrir and Zohar Sharbat. Sacra chain presenter – Anna Zack and her partner Roi Sandler.

Itzik Zohar and more.

The event included a procession of Sefer Torah in singing and dancing, the introduction of a Sefer Torah in the Heichal Mordechai synagogue, and finally a festive mitzvah meal in the "Jerusalem" hall in the synagogue.

Moshe Golbari opened the event and said:

"We are working on preparing the Torah scroll.

About a year to lift the soul of our dear mother. Who has accompanied us for the past decades? Both on a personal and business level.

And we greet the people of Israel with peace, tranquility, and health. "

The incident was interrupted by alarms heard at the scene and rockets fired at Gush Dan.

With the rise of the Minister of Religions, Rabbi Yaakov Avitan Shlita, to speak before the celebrants.


Ehud Olmert
Ehud Olmert
From right: Ehud-Olmert-and Yaakov-Golbari-Photography-Assaf-Lev