Wentworth Miller On Prison Break Season 6 – The beloved actor who plays Michael Scoplid in the series has announced that he will no longer play the roles of straights.
The series ended in 2017, but rumors are talking about season 6 on the way, but is it possible to make a new season without the lead actor?
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Wentworth Miller On Prison Break Season 6 : 

Escapes Season 6 and One Lead Actor Out There: In a post, he posted on Instagram, Miller shared his plans,

In response to many messages from fans of the series, He explains why he will not play straight roles again.


And so he writes:


"This is my favorite Instagram page" – someone wrote to me in response to a post I posted recently.

Thank you, I want you to know that I saw it.

I read the positive responses and private messages (most of them), loving, supportive, appreciated. "

Wentworth also talks about the homophobic reactions he received to all sorts of posts regarding his sexual identity.

Recall that in 2013 in response to being invited to a film festival in Russia,

The name of the policy towards the LGBT community is particularly hostile,

He came out of the closet and published in the press the reason why he would not come to the festival,

He revealed his sexual identity as a sign of protest against the harsh discrimination in Russia.

Since then it has also been an ideal for inspiration among fans of the “Escapes” series who are among the proud community members.



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He goes on to explain in the last post the reason why he will not continue for season 6:


"I do not worry about myself, I can not be a victim of violence on this platform,

I have too much power. Deletes, blocks, complaints about accounts of nasty people, etc.

But I take very seriously the possibility of queer children visiting here,

Those who have recently come out of the closet or are researching their identities, I do not want them to be exposed to this bullshit, so I retire.

I do not want to play more straightforward characters, these are stories that have already been told.

Therefore – there will be no more Michael.

I understand that if you are one of the fans of the series-

This news is a disappointment to you, I'm sorry.

If you're bothered by the fact that you fell in love with a straight man who is a fiction embodied by a real gay man-

This is your job. "
He posted the post in question on his Instagram profile without a photo –

so that readers and commenters will concentrate mainly and not blandly.


The post by Michael Scofield a.k.a Wentworth Miller:



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"This is my favorite IG account," someone wrote in response to a recent post. Thank you

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Escape Season 6? No longer so sure.


Wentworth Miller On Prison Break Season 6