The difficult year of the Refaeli family began today after Tzipi Refaeli went to prison and Bar Refaeli began service work following the plea agreement they signed.


As befits the corona era, Tzipi Refaeli, the mother of models Bar Refaeli and On Refaeli, went into solitary confinement when she entered Neve Tirza prison, where she will spend about two weeks as part of a 16-month sentence she received after a plea deal in the tax offense case. In the prison service, the punishment started badly after apparently on the advice of her lawyer Shani Illuz and in order to avoid the photographers who ambushed her, Rafaeli arrived early in the morning at the prison gates at 10.00, which was arranged for her.

Tzipi Refaeli is married for the second time to Rafi Refaeli. She began her career as one of Israel's glamorous girls and as a top model but after the blossoming of her daughter Bar Refaeli who became an international model she dedicated her career to managing her daughter which eventually led her to Neve Tirza as well.

Bar Refaeli also began to serve her sentence this morning.

Bar Refaeli Instagram

Just before the start of the service work, Bar Refaeli posted a post on her Instagram in honor of the new year as a sign of volunteerism: " I started the new year by visiting Arie and Rita. The cute Itamar with me in the picture, has set up an amazing and sweet project – "Sweet for the Soul" which aims to alleviate loneliness in society by baking and distributing cakes to the elderly, lone soldiers and people with special needs. How simple – so important. He had a cake to sweeten his life a bit. On holidays, but also on Fridays. If you want to join – make sweet for people who need it, and definitely for yourself, believe me you should! ".


Tzipi Refaeli
The post with the goals of Bar Refaeli uploaded by Tzipi Refaeli Photo from Tzipi Refaeli's Instagram page



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