Kanye West and Taylor Swift had a feud for a long time.

Taylor Swift got mad when even Kim Kardashian got involved in this, two years after her marriage with Kanye West.

This feud has stormed the internet,with every person sharing their personal opinion on this issue.

This article shall discuss the entire controversy surrounding Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

However, what was the beef between them anyway?

What is the Background?

The game of hatred between Taylor Swift and Kanye West existed since 2010,

where Kanye interrupted Taylor’s award-winning speech by saying:

Beyonce deserved to win it this year.

However, things seemed to have cooled down for a while until a unique event occurred that turned things around.


What triggered the argument?

In 2016 when Kanye West was working on a song,

he asked Swift for permission to take her name in one of those songs (a claim Taylor initially denied).

However, instead of taking her name in the song,

he said, “I made this bitch famous.”, which sparked a reaction from Taylor Swift,

and went a long way.

How did the issue drag?

Taylor Swift had an issue with being called a bitch in the song.

She initially stated that she never had that conversation,

precisely where Kim Kardashian stepped into the game.

To defend her husband, she leaked the phone call betweenthe two .



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At this, Taylor Swift said that this call had been edited out.

Once the proper contents of the phone call were released,

it was found that although Kanye did take her permission,

he never told that he would refer to her as “bitch”.

Kim said that the feud was not about it;

it was about if the call happened or not.


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The Aftermath?

The public considered Taylor a liar, and flooded her inbox with snake emojis.

Final Thoughts

One may ask, who was right? We may not understand the true extent of this controversy,

but one thing is for sure: Kanye should have told Taylor everything blatantly.

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