Actress and network anchor Taylor Malkov has long since become a model as well.

The 18-year-old Malkov who went from a media relationship with Ben Zini to a media relationship with Liran Danino is presenting a particularly hot summer.

News Celebs did the hard work for you and chose the five most successful locks from Taylor Malkov Swimsuit.


Taylor Malkov, known in Israel as "Ty", is a native of the City of Angels,

Los Angeles in the United States, who immigrated to Israel only at the age of two.

Malkov is not a first

-generation model as her mother Debbie was selected Secondly in the New York Beauty Apple Beauty Pageant.

She began modeling for one headline magazine

but was exposed to the Israeli glamor world after the clip titled "Ty"

that conquered the network in which she appears alongside her ex-partner Ben Zini whose relationship

between the two occupied all the gossip sites and his crying scenes during his stay At the Big Brother house,

all the spectators were captivated.


Who would have believed that the royal couple that Pailo won in a reality series called

"Life According to Ben and Tay"

would separate and that she would start another media relationship with singer Liran Danino,

also from the reality show Star Born

 – Taylor Malkov Swimsuit


 The TOP-5  Taylor Malkov a full bathing suit


Taylor Malkov Swimsuit
Photo Saar Naveh


Taylor Malkov Bikini Swimsuit


Taylor Malkov Swimsuit
Photo: Saar Naveh


You are most beautiful when you are comfortable or when you travel abroad


Taylor Malkov Swimsuit
take a screenshot from Malkov's Instagram page


Malkov Swimsuit by Neta Alchemister and Noa Benny for the Nanhut brand


Taylor Malkov Swimsuit
Screenshot from Taylor Malkov's Instagram page


Taylor and Ben in better days


Taylor Malkov Swimsuit
a screenshot from Malkov's Instagram page


Not a swimsuit However get a video of Taylor with a series of hot locks from Amsterdam