Model and actress Taylor Malchov returns to the front of the stage and this time as a bachelor. Malchov was chosen to star in the swimwear campaign of the fashion company TWENTYFOURSEVEN.

טיילור מלכוב לטוונטיפורסבן
טיילור מלכוב צילום: סער נווה
Taylor Malkov, who celebrated her 18th birthday this week, first appeared on the "Boys and Girls" program and on YouTube videos. Later she met Ben Zini and together they released a joint clip that won a huge response with over 4 million viewers.
Along the way, the duo started a network series that also aired on the KIDZ channel and continued to put together more songs that were successful on every scale. This year she participated in Hot's "Escape" series, was photographed for a new film and managed to be photographed for the successful program of the "Winning Couple" network, which was filmed in Brazil.
Taylor currently owns leading digital assets with over 600,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and has branded herself as a strong and successful opinion leader. In light of all this a proper connection has been made to TWENTYFOURSEVEN and she will continue to be the hot star of the summer with her swimwear collection.
After many ups and downs a few weeks ago, it was announced that she and her partner, Ben Zini, had finally separated and yesterday it was published on the YNET website that he is in a new relationship.
Taylor Malchov: "I'm happy and excited to join the TWENTYFOURSEVEN family and model for the swimwear campaign. It's going to be a particularly hot season."
According to Yifat Pasternak, VP of Marketing at the Renoir Group: "We are pleased to open the upcoming swimwear season with the model and leading chain anchor Taylor Malchov, which symbolizes fashion and contemporaryness, thus enabling the brand to continue to be updated and a leader in the Israeli fashion industry. The TWENTYFOURSEVEN brand is young, dynamic and innovative that believes in uniqueness, confidence and independence and allows the customer to give its own interpretation to fashion and beauty.
All of these connect to Taylor and the way she does. We welcome her joining the company and wish her well. "
טיילור מלכוב לטוונטיפורסבן
Saar Naveh photo