God, rest his soul – Tam Farkash was 23 years old at the time of his death.

He was killed in the Second Lebanon War in the crash of an Apache plane he was flying.

In the past week, the political system has been in a storm around a demonstration by Likud supporters, "Bibists", who came to demonstrate in front of the Farkash family home

An ugly and distorted demonstration, in which very harsh things were said to family members.

The angry reactions were not long in coming from the celebs

The Farkash family does demonstrate with the demonstrators in front of the prime minister's house,

But in a democracy, there is no reason for this to be a problem, it will certainly not bring the wrath of the right-wing protesters on the family.

It is not clear how people who call themselves Zionists and love the state, dare to void the memory of the soldier – Tam Farkash.

Beyond the shock of dealing with an issue that is not touched upon, is there any justification for persecuting an entire family?

And more about political matters?

The reactions of the celebs and Tam's sister, Amit, are attached here in the article:

Yael Bar Zohar 

His parents lost what was most precious to them. Their child. Is there anything terrible about it?

I watched the news today and it's over. People who demonstrated under their house and said horrible sentences such as

"God paid for her."

"Wish her another son like that" and more horrible, soulless and soulless sentences.

I am shocked by the depths of my soul.

Be ashamed of the words that once again hurt the heart of the family that drinks blood with the space they carry with them until their last day.

Where did we get to ??????

We should all condemn and condemn such behavior from our society!

I also expect our leaders personally to strongly condemn this disgrace

(as they know how to be interviewed on other issues that are important to them)

Because they should be our compass and show us all that we must not reach such abysses.

And you,

the dear Farkash family, are in pain, embracing and strengthening you.


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Amit Farkash

Tam's sister shared her feelings with a heavy heart after the demonstrations:



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I love my family more than anything else in the world!


My political opinion is irrelevant this morning.
What we went through in the wake of Tam's death is one great abyss that will never be a part of us.

I woke up this morning anxious for the country.
How did we get to the point where my brother's death becomes a struggle between the parties?
It is allowed to disagree,

it does legitimate to argue,

it's okay to be a supporter of Netanyahu and it is also okay to support another person and his way.
It's allowed to be neighbors who disagree with each other and still live in the neighborhood.
One loves one leader and the other believes in another leader or another government.

The personal insults and slanders my parents abducted tonight,
They are in the eyes of the humiliation of the human race and a dangerous red line that has been crossed.
Maybe in politics,

I do not understand much,

but it is also not the most important thing at the moment.
It is important to be a good person,

to respect others, to know how to set boundaries for yourself.
I'm sad this morning especially about the company we became,
About the ease with which we talk about such painful issues in such a logical and light-hearted way.
We broke down,
We got ugly,
Let's be better people,

it's more important than who's the prime minister.
I'm eight months pregnant and the truth is ashamed,
Painful and more than ever misses the innocence and discourse that was here while he was still alive,

He, too, was probably ashamed.

Indeed a sad, shameful case,

and a bleak picture of the state of our human tissue,

A little mutual guarantee and free love will only do good in times like these.

His heart with the family.

Tam Farkash
Tam Farkash, screenshot from Instagram Amit Farkash