perfect 10 A new series of HOT Israeli Entertainment in collaboration with agent Roberto will air on the holiday of Sukkot.

Will they be the girls who are going to break out and conquer the entertainment world?

Perfect 10Today, October 10, a new series will be launched on HOT Israeli Entertainment Perfect 10.
The series, in collaboration with the well-known modeling and talent agent, Roberto Ben-Shoshan, follows 10 girls who want to succeed and break into the world of entertainment.
A series of vlogs (photographed blog) documenting 10 girls selected from hundreds of contestants who came to auditions, how “it works” and behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.



PERFECT 10 – Photo: PR

PERFECT 10 Who are the girls?


Girls were given the opportunity to audition, participate in campaigns.
They learned how to stand in front of a camera, how to maintain a successful Instagram page, and more .

Among the experts on the team who guided them: super agent Roberto Ben-Shoshan, Bar Sommer, Dana Zermon, Sher Fitness and more.


The ten participants – 
 Gal Gvaram / Adi Hashmonai, Keren Ngusa, Liraz Nomder, Mika Yaakov, Tal Malka, Tal Zucker, Aidan Platt, Michal Shelfstein, Dana Haimovich, second song.
The series will air in its entirety and will be broadcast every day during the week of Sukkot.
The name of the series of models matches the film by Scottish writer and director Eva Riley.
The film stars Frankie Box, William Ash, Emily Gibson and more.
The perfect 10 series features 10 network stars and potential celebs who have been spotted by Roberto Ben-Shoshan and Shai Avital
when they all want to be Instagram anchors like Dana Zermon and celebrities like Noa Kirl.
As befits the Instagram generation series, it combines a lot of photos on mobile, befitting the Instagram and historical generation.

Gal Gvaram – 


The most prominent of the contestants is the model Gal Gvaram.
Gal is Chef Tom Aviv's ex-partner who despite a 13-year gap between them was sure it would end in a ring.



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