Pamela Anderson Instagram, the American star from the Gulf Guard who is known as a fighter against the fur trade, is accompanying Sarah Gila Gamliel on promoting regulations that prohibit the trade in furs. In Israel.

It was not an easy week for Minister Gila Gamliel after the corona saga and the seven-day investigation,

and the one who surprisingly eased it was the American star and celeb Pamela Anderson,

who praised her for promoting regulations banning the fur trade.

pamela andersón instagram
Pamela Anderson screenshot from the Animals video

"Dear Gila Gamliel, Minister of Environmental Protection," Anderson wrote. "

As the Honorary Chair of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)

and on behalf of the members of the International Coalition Against Fur,

I  like to thank you for submitting the amendment to the Wildlife Protection Act banning the sale of furs!

I have written to the Prime Minister on this matter and during my visit to Israel, I even lobbied personally.

Furs against corona

" There is another urgent matter related to the ban on the sale of furs:

the coronavirus.

Fur farms, as wherever animals are stored and murdered, are fertile ground for disease.

In response, the Dutch parliament voted in favor of banning mink breeding, and other fur farms in the country will close by early next year.

Your beautiful country has always had a special place in my heart.

It was when I participated in the "Dancing with the Stars" program.

Israel is leading the commitment to animals in so many ways,

from the ban on products tried on animals to the sharp increase in the number of people leading a vegan lifestyle.

Added Anderson.

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