Opening year in Italy: Iroca network executives and presenter Neta Alchemister celebrate with David Beckham in Milan.

Neta Alchemister and Beckham and Neta Alchemister and Neymar. The model on the Israeli finds an opportunity to socialize with the best celebrities in the world and this time she mingled with the biggest British football star. Senior members of the Eroca Group, including Eruca Group CEO Avi Cohen and Iroca CEO Li Afik, together with presenter Neta Alchemister, celebrated last night in Milan the launch of David Beckham's new eyewear brand, which will arrive in Israel from Italy next month and be marketed exclusively in Eroca.
David Beckham and Neta Alhamister Photography Shai Avital
The glittering event held at the prestigious Sala Mengoni Art Gallery in Milan was attended by about 500 guests among them: executives of the Spilo company, executives of leading eyewear chains from around the world, and David Beckham himself. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous cocktail that included raising a glass for the New Year and unveiling the unique collection for the first time in the world.
At the opening of the event, Beckham announced the fruitful collaboration with leading eyewear company Spielo to launch the international brand named after him: DBeyewear and said: "The eyewear category is a category I have always wanted to get into. I love working with the best and I am happy and proud to embark on a collection I was involved in In every detail. "
David Beckham and Lee Afik Shai Avital
Lee Afik, CEO of the Eroca chain, said: "We are happy for the opportunity to work with David Beckham and bring the world news to Israel. This is a collection for women and men with a fashion sense and fondness for quality and temporary design in a London spirit that is very suitable for the Israeli audience. The collection includes over 150 models of sunglasses and eyewear that will be offered at reasonable prices in all Eroca branches starting next month. "
David Beckham and Neta Alchemister Photo by Chen Neeman
At the end of the event, Afik invited Beckham to Israel and he agreed and said that he has wanted to visit for a long time and now he has another good reason. Beckham is actually a descendant of the Jewish people who serves as president of the MLS Inter Miami team The biggest earners ever from football in the world combined with contracts and sponsorships. He is married to model and singer Victoria Beckham and the father of Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Harper Beckham, Cruz Beckham