Neta Alchimister Swimwear – The Banana Hot brand has reached the end of Kendall Jenner's vacation, and Neta has joined the Kardashian family!
Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Neta Alchemister Swimwear and Kendall? Definitely looks promising.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner presents Banana Hot on a mysterious vacation

Neta Alhamister Swimwear worldwide!

The young star of the privileged reality family, the Kardashians

Showcased the Israeli model's swimsuit on her Instagram page.

Israeli pride and huge!

Neta Alchemister does it again and in a big way – Banana Hot stands out as a brand on Universal!



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locations a secret

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Kendall has posted a post with a minimalist headline and pictures that catch our eye.

As if all this was not enough, she managed to stop our pulse

When she wore the swimsuit of Neta's famous brand!


Planted in the swimsuit of her brand – Banana Hot: 

Neta AlchImister Swimwear
Neta AlchImister screenshot from Instagram


Does not tell where she is, enough to see and understand that it does not matter

We want to be there too!

Next time she will take Neta with her and not just the swimsuit?

We're just throwing an idea here.

Kendall is the shyest of the girls in the Kardashian family

And is known as someone who prefers to keep her private life private.

But her street style has conquered the world, and everyone is looking forward to seeing what the star and model will choose to wear in any situation or ceremony she arrives at.

And also for a regular coffee at Starbucks.

Now she chooses an Israeli brand, and there is no doubt that every brand that Kendall chooses buys a name and reputation the second her image of the same brand is published.

We're just guessing, but if you give or you crave now Banana Hot's swimsuit

You have about 24 hours to buy the specific model before it runs out of stock.


Kendall on a mysterious vacation in an exotic destination:

Neta Alchimister Swimwear
Kendall Jenner on Secret Vacation Screenshot from Instagram


there is nothing to add,

Neta was happy with the matter and published a post on her account, which does not hide the excitement and leaves no room for doubt.

This is a huge success for the brand!


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Say no more ! ? @kendalljenner & @bananhot ?

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So for your judgment – who did it better ??

Neta Alchimister Swimwear? Or Kendall Jenner Swimwear?

Neta Alchimister Swimwear
Kendall Jenner screenshot from Instagram