Model Neta Alchemister became a sous chef as part of the Eroka tribute project to chefs and restaurateurs in the campaign: "Eat with the eyes" Alchemister stars alongside chefs: Guy Gamzo, Uriel Kimchi, Avivit Priel, Tomer Tal, Tomer Again, Yonatan Borovitz, Moshiko Lisliel, Assaf Lissiel, Assaf Lissiel Pitman and Assaf Doctor.

Neta Alchemister the hot model for the benefit of restaurants and restaurateurs. The corona crisis and the ensuing closure shook the restaurant industry. Chefs, restaurants, bars, cafes, and food stalls closed one after another and thus stood with their hair closed for about two months. After the prolonged closure, many restaurants began to open their doors, but were forced to close again and when they reopened for the second time, in a limited format under restrictions and barriers.

Neta Alchemister
Neta Alchemister with Chef Moshiko Gamliel Photography by Gil Hayun
Following this, the Eroca eyewear chain chose to launch a social campaign starring the model and the chain's anchor, Neta Alchemister, and give a stage to leading chefs under the slogan: Eat with eyes, as part of which Eroca's new collection will be presented with the chefs in their restaurant – their second home. As part of the campaign, the models of the international brands will be photographed alongside the chefs and alongside the flagship dishes, they created inspired by the glasses. The campaign, shot in the restaurants of the participating chefs, reinforces the perception that design, fashion, and culinary are intertwined and are an integral part of our lives.
Yesterday (Tuesday) the campaign was filmed in collaboration with the brand's presenter: Alchemister – who served as a chef for the 10 chefs chosen to star in the campaign: Guy Gamzo, Uriel Kimchi, Avivit Priel, Assaf Liss, Moti Titman, Tomer Again, Moshiko Gamliel, Tomer Tal, Yonatan Borov, Yonatan Borov 'Assaf Doctor. During the filming produced by Maya Darin (culinary producer), each chef chose super designer glasses, inspired by them, and created a spectacular dish.


Lee Afiq, CEO of the Eroca chain, concluded the day of filming and said: "This campaign combines 3 significant and beloved things in our lives: good food, fashion and of course glasses. Eroca's ability as a chain leads to giving a stage to such talented people just when they need it, which made this campaign Especially exciting for us. "
Neta Alchemister
Chef Tomer Tal and Neta Alchemister Photography Gil Hayun



Neta Alhamister
On the right, Chef Guy Gamzo and Neta Alhamister, photographer Gili Ohayon



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