Model Natalie Dadon Topless.
Dadon, 37, posted a topless picture in the bathroom with a message about female self-confidence and caused a storm on the Internet and aggressive reactions:
"It's a shame that the mother of a child is photographed like this."

Model Natalie Dadon is well aware of the spotlight and knows that it also burns sometimes.

This was the case after Dadon uploaded a topless photo of herself in the bathroom to Instagram and wrote:


" Woman! Self-confidence does not come because "they" love you !!!

The confidence resides in you right the moment you understand that you will be fine even if they are not !!! ".

Natalie Dadon Topless
Natalie Dadon Topless. Screenshot from Natalie Dadon's Instagram page

Dadon, who broke into our lives in the modeling program and was exposed to the whole nation in Big Brother,

is a successful model and presenter.

She is also a white mother who is known for fighting for her feminist views including a heated debate with who commented on her breast size after Dadon underwent surgery to remove the breast implants.

And it is still doubtful whether Dadon watched the noise that the exposed image would create.

A surfer named Ilan Berkowitz wrote:

"Self-confidence cannot rely on external credentials.

A man, for example, builds his self-confidence from her actions.

It is something that is his and his sole responsibility and control.

The pilot seat of our lives is in our hands."

While a surfer named Daniel added:

" Soul.

What you have raised here is zero self-confidence.

You're trying to promote some new worldview.

That woman can do whatever they want

. Whenever they want and as much as they want. And I'm most in favor.

But there is a certain limit and interest here called to honor,

and unfortunately, the rabbi misses it.

You mix things up.

And tries to promote the status of a woman by revealing images.

What does it have to do with you being photographed like this for self-confidence?

It is a pity that it is you, who promotes the whole issue of women's rights,

who, as the leader of public opinion, chooses to "promote a woman"

by uploading such an image. It's sad".

Supporters also did not shy away from criticism.

Yifat Mimran wrote to her:

"You are right and you are stunning ❤️

But I think it is possible to convey a message without spreading it, pity Yaffa when you are modest".

Another surfer named Ravit added:


"You are really stunning and everything,

but in the current picture, I did not find self-confidence."

While a surfer named Natalia Cohen wrote:


"And girls – enough to be beautiful, no one is jealous of her.

On the contrary – I think Natalie has tremendous potential internally.

It's just a shame she sanctifies material.

Israeli girls who have an impact on social media need to engage in true women’s wisdom.

And not in the sanctification of the material and the body of the woman. point!".

The topless picture of Natalie Dadon driving the network crazy


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