After Liam Golan, Aline Golan and Ian Golan, Miel Golan also joined the family on Saturday after Daniel Greenberg gave birth to a daughter, singer Eyal Golan.

Eyal Golan and Daniel Greenberg with the next generation: Miel Golan.

" My beautiful and dear wife. I want to say thank you for the perfect gift you gave me tonight. I'm fascinated by your strength. The whole midwifery team is just fascinated by you and not for nothing. You were a real heroine and you went through it like a great. Love you my beautiful "". The name Miel means "Who is God".
The name Miel expresses the glorification of God and the feeling of the parents that their child was given to them as a gift from God. This is what singer Eyal Golan wrote to his model wife Daniel Greenberg
after last Friday Greenberg gave birth to their joint daughter who was named Miel Golan and joined Golan's family and three children from his marriage to Ilanit Levy and Ruslana Rudina: Liam Golan, Aline Golan and Ian Golan. Greenberg, who recently retired from several campaigns due to her pregnancy, and one of them was replaced by the singer's wife Lior Narkis, Sapir Narkis gave birth to their joint daughter, named Miel, at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, Eyal Golan's hometown.
In an interview published on the Celebs News website, Greenberg said at the beginning of their joint journey that they are getting married in order to expand the family. To read the full interview, click here. As you may recall, about a week after Golan and Greenberg's wedding, the model who also starred in Golstar Girls announced that she was ready for pregnancy, including a photo of a pregnancy kit.

Exactly one year has passed since that well-publicized Golan marriage proposal that took place during such a pampering family vacation on the island of Cyprus that turned into a small wedding in the shadow of the corona plague that fell on the world immediately afterwards. Kaplan Hospital officials updated that the heiress to the air went out to the world at 02.00 in the morning with a nice weight of 3,360.

At the moment, all that remains is to wonder what Miel Golan's career will be. Will her stepbrother Liam Golan go and stay away from the headlines or will she follow her stepdaughter Aline Golan who started a modeling and singing career like her father Eyal Golan and her mother Ilanit Levy who is currently married to Eliraz Sadeh. Jan, Golan's son and Rosalna Rudina .


Miel Golan
Miel Golan in the belly of Daniela Greenberg. Screenshot from Instagram


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אישתי היפה והיקרה. אני רוצה להגיד לך תודה על המתנה המושלמת שנתת לי הלילה.אני מוקסם מהחוזק שלך. כל צוות המילדות פשוט מוקסמים ממך ולא סתם. היית גיבורה אמיתית ועברת את זה כמו גדולה.מאחל לנו שנגדל אותה בנחת ואהבה. אוהב אותך יפה שלי ❤️ @danielgreenbergolan

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?שבת שלום?

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