Michal Ansky launches her new high-heeled shoe collection, Michaella, in collaboration with the Lafayette Italy shoe and bag chain. Watch the colorful, comfortable, and feminine cloakroom designed by the TV presenter, the woman food journalist who makes us all hungry.

מיכל אנסקי
צילום שי פרנקו.
In February of this year, while in advanced pregnancy, Michal Ansky managed to travel to Venice, Italy, and design together with the Italian super designer, Gilberto Fausto, the collection of shoes and bags that is reaching the shelves these days. Who dreamed this would be the last flight before the sky closed due to the corona.
In recent years, Michal Ansky has become one of the leading celebs in Israel, juggling between cooking shows, her food market, and modeling for various companies.
Ansky recounts the inspirations for the collection: "When I designed the collection what stood before my eyes were my clients with whom I am in constant dialogue. Together we developed a common language that has become the current collection: low heel, wider, fluorescent colors, combinations of textures, strong colors, prominent buckles, Elegant and sexy design that provides comfort, stability and allows space for movement. We are women, managers, careers, family and full life at the same time, it is important for us to maintain the style throughout the day and we do not want to "get off our heels".
The collection of shoes and bags that Ansky designed, is characterized by bold colors and glam: bright neon shades, metal, bold red, candy pink, delicate mobile, bright emerald green, vivid turquoise and a variety of rainbow colors are part of the color palette with which Michal painted this season. Shoes in various heights, from flat to stiletto, pin heels alongside thick heels, designed flip-flops, style sandals, classic black shoes decorated with Swarovski stones, and more.
Michal Ansky for Italian Lafayette. Photo by Shai Franco.
The Michaella by Lafayette Italy collection is marketed at Lafayette Italian branches, on the chain's website, and on Michal's Instagram: @ michal ansky. The shoes are available in sizes 35-42.
The Lafayette Italian chain is an importer of luxury shoes from the best global designers producing in Italy. The brand's shoes are a status symbol and are manufactured in line with the leading Italian fashion houses in the world. Its branches are scattered throughout the country and provide a luxurious shopping experience like in fashion capitals abroad.
מיכל אנסקי ללאפייט איטלי
Michal Ansky for Italian Lafayette. Photo by Shai Franco.