If you have not heard the name yet, you are probably right behind, or you have passed the age of stupid ten. Milliond , rapper and network star is without a doubt the flagship hit of Israeli children.

A 22-year-old Milliond (Dolev Barshesht) from Netanya, started his music career amateurishly about 3 years ago when he released a number of singles that did not gain momentum at all – the road seemed to go to what was called on social media "another one who thinks he is a singer".
Photo: Ron Harush
But a year ago (March 19) there was a turn in the plot, a song that released millions crossed 150,000 viewers on YouTube, and the name began to rise slowly.
The Netanya Municipality invited the rising star to take part in the Purim performances in the city square alongside top artists of Israeli music (DJ Gal Malka, the stars of the Paul House network, etc.), the performance was a great success and our Cinderella story began to embroider.
Followers on social media began to rise, the new songs began to gain dizzying momentum as they doubled and even tripled the number of viewers, mentions on the network popped up time and time again and business companies began to turn to the artist to advertise their products through it.
In November of last year, the artist also began his career on YouTube when he launched the "Family of Millionaires" series in which new vlogs are uploaded every week,
Videos that garner tens of thousands of views in a short amount of time.
When asked millions about the goals he stated before us:
"My biggest desire is to reach a large number of people for whom my music does good to the heart, brings them a smile, and makes them want and hear more."
Photo by Ron Horesh
When asked millions about the bad reactions on the net he replied:
"Haters have been, and always will be, in the past, I attached great importance to them and I was really hurt since time has passed and I realized that most of them speak of jealousy or personal reasons that do not interest me. I do what I love and the fact that there are about 400,000 people in Israel, And listen to every song and song of mine, and to them I will give everything I have – they are family to me! ".
Instagram: @milliond_official


YouTube: מילונדי- The Official Channel