Maya Buskila Guy Pines. All the details about the battle. Just before she puts on her corkscrews and joins the Goldstar (without Leah Griner being replaced by Little Samadja) she attacks Guy Pines: "He makes fun of himself."

Maya Buskila Guy Pines: "Precisely from media people, even if they are yellow, I expected wisdom and understanding"

"What's the cost of making fun of you on TV and you have to cooperate?

" This is how "Gentleman" Guy Pines started his item, regarding the Golstaria 3 show that starts filming tomorrow. It's so sad to see a media man sitting in his easy chair and taking nonsense out of his mouth !.

So I have something to say about it that mostly comes from the heart!
Precisely from media people, even if they are yellow, I expected wisdom and understanding.

Understand that there is not one of the participants who are mothers and not one of them is raising their children alone!
In the days of Corona, where the world of entertainment is dormant, unknown, and even sad, that there are no shows and everything is still, they are going to support their home and even if I worked at the Jade, I would do it. "

Buskila wrote in an angry post.

" So no one's going to laugh at us Pines. This is a program that brings self-humor, a fun experience without a drop of cynicism.

He is the one who makes fun of himself and not the other way around. What's more, nothing said there was accurate or true.

I was expecting a self-respecting program to do more extensive homework. I do not have to be in your "serious" program to exist!

I'm here to stay and so are the girls in this great show. An apology is welcome, " Buskila added.

Guy Pines:

"I'm tired of going over my head to get some more exposure."
Guy Pines did not remain obligated and attacked back: " How did you say? Self-humor?

So I'm tired of going over my head to get some more exposure.

For those who missed it: We aired an article about Golstar's new participants and the amounts they earn.

No one claimed it was wrong, no one laughed at you (yet, but the situation will come, we have already seen such plans) and it is fine.

Did anyone claim it was disrespectful? Definately not! It's probably in your head ".

" Instead of insulting in advance, or in retrospect, something you specialize in, I would focus.

Do not mobilize against me your marital status, not the corona. Reality is not an automatic employment solution.

Is a convenient solution and brings with it an abundance of PR and beauty staff, which is fun. But hey, there are many more jobs in Israel. I know quite a few artists, singers with a family who every evening wander with a guitar to perform at home to make a living and will never consider going to reality even though it will cost them hundreds of thousands of shekels for a few working days. "

" So if you're going to reality, enjoy it, and let go of your emotions.

And about the "wrong" facts? We checked how much the participants were earning and cross-referenced the information well.

What I guess you did not do, so check again before you accuse us of misinformation – even if it turns out that some of the participants earn more than you. An apology is welcome. "

Maya Buskila on her way to Golstar



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Maya Buskila Guy Pines
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