Matt Damon Oscar-winner who broke into "Will Hunting's Story" is celebrating 50 and is preparing for the screening of his new film "The Last Duel" which he co-wrote with Ben Affleck.

Matt Damon the golden boy who was discovered in the film" The Story of Will Hunting "has since won the Oscar and two Golden Globe Awards and is currently preparing for the launch of his new film:" The Last Duel ".
Matt Damon
Matt Damon from the movie The Story of Will Hunting
The American actor who was born to Kent and Nancy Damon in the city of Massachusetts in the United States has moved to Harvard University to develop a campus in Los Angeles and according to the results he did mentally. He started in the role in the film Mystic Pizza but as mentioned bought his world in the film "The Story of Will Hunting" for which he was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – the duo
The Damon and Affleck duo
Not just writing screenplays together for over twenty years. They have also set up a project to locate promising young people in the industry. And played together in rescuing Private Ryan. Other films that were very successful starring Damon. They bring down the rain and Ocean 11,12 and 13. He received the Golden Globe Award after starring in the science fiction film "Save Mark Watney." Also directed by Ridley Scott. And no wonder they're back to working together now. Damon is married to Argentine Lucina Bozen in Rousseau and the couple have three daughters and Damon even serves as the grim enemy of Brusso's first daughters from her previous marriage.


 ( The Last Duel)

Damon's latest film, which he co-wrote with his friend Ben Affleck, is a historical thriller. The film was directed by Ridley Scott and deals with law in battle in medieval France. The film deals with the war of two former best friends Jean de Carrouge and Jacques Le Gary. The two were ordered to fight to the death after Carruz accused Le Gary of raping his wife. Matt Damon plays in a film based on the recent duel novel: A True Trial Story of Fighting in Medieval France the character of Jean de Carrouge, the Knight Monormandi who accuses his friend of raping his wife Marguerite de Carrouge played by English actress Judy Comer.
Comer is preparing to launch off the coast of Ireland


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