Maria Dumark, the model, outgoing big brother, the star of the network, and soon also the singer, was photographed on the busiest day of the digital campaign of the Hadar Mall in Jerusalem, which will be broadcast across social networks. "I would not give up the 'Big Brother', but also not enter the VIP season"

The photos were taken in the early hours of the morning, in a Tel Aviv urban loft, designed in a retro atmosphere, next to the fashion house Alma Khan. On the set, Domark told Kochi Abagi – the marketing director of Hadar Mall, who this month is expected to release her third single in the series of songs she has released so far, in an effort to reach the album launch and added "many do not know but beyond being an Instagram anchor I sing, play and compose … this is one My great loves. "
מימין מריה דומארק וכוכי איבגי (צילום: רונן פדידה)
The campaign is expected to launch as early as this coming February, it is Maria Domark's first with Hadar Mall. Dumark will get to see itself experienced in all of the mall's digital arenas: Facebook, Instagram, and online sites.
For about two years now, Domark has been having a close and intimate relationship with his partner Roy, when they both met in the reality show Big Brother. Maria, who gave her opinion on the show in the set, made sure to remind everyone how much the star of the show was at the time: "I would not change the period of my stay in the fireplace. I have love and friends for life from there … Agree. "
Towards the end of the filming, Domark was asked if in the summer we would get to see her in white: "Maybe not the summer but I can tell that Roy and I are constantly imagining what our wedding will look like."
Maria Domark was recently photographed with singer Itai Levy for a second season as presenters for the Fall-Winter 2010 campaign, by the fashion brand Lee Cop. ".
Definitely, something to look forward to!
Maria Dumark to Hadar Jerusalem Mall Photo by Ronen Padida (1)
Maria Domark to Hadar Jerusalem Mall (Photo by Ronen Padida)
Maria Domark to Hadar Jerusalem Mall Photo by Ronen Padida
Maria Dumark to Hadar Jerusalem Mall (Photo: Ronen Padida)