"Itai Levy's mother passed away."
This is the malicious rumor and publicity that was spread on the networks and angered the singer Itai Levy who is connected to his mother who is hospitalized in every vein of his soul.


Evil crosses boundaries and this time it is directed against Ruth Levy, the mother of Itai Levy.

The singer revealed that a particularly bad man spreads rumors that his hospitalized mother has died.

Ruth, who has had a number of strokes and remains in a wheelchair and in a nursing condition has been hospitalized for the past few weeks due to medical complexity and the singer accompanies her with lots of concern and love.

"In the last few hours, there has been a rumor that my mother Ruth Bat Sarah is the most precious thing to me in the world more than anything that has more of my career than the air I breathe and more than anything I have lived for 32 years

… that my dear mother has passed away."

Shocked Levy wrote in a Facebook post.


A ruthless wicked and wicked man

" I cried like a baby the very thought that they might not tell me that maybe they were working on me that maybe it could happen !!

I want to say to the person who did this you are a ruthless bad and wicked person and not entitled to step on this land

that is full of good and pure people full of giving and giving of graces.

So mother first sorry I apologize to you that there are bad people in the world The land that you will not have a bad hit and not a bad touch …

my light my heart my blood and the air I breathe sorry sorry sorry mom …

and the same person who did it I forgive you because he who hears his shame is silent and silent chooses silence and believes in doing.

mom me I wish up to one hundred and twenty and if necessary I will give you years of my life !!!

" Levy wrote.

A special bond with the mother

Levy is very close to his mother Ruth, on Family Day he published a post full of love in which he wrote:

“Congratulations on the love of my life,

my happiness, my blood, the woman of my life,

my God, and everything that has lied to me in this life !!!

This is the day God has decided that the world could not exist without you.

I'm willing to give up everything just to be healthy.

That you call me,

that you hug me, that you shower me when I am sick,

when I am helpless, when I need you, just need a mom.

That you will suddenly surprise me with some good pots,

that you will wash for me, that you will just be my mother !!!

however I understood it,

and I will not accept it in life,

however, I understood one thing that is the most important of all

– you love me genuinely,

pure of heart and that is the most important thing. '

Ruth and Itai Levy


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