Actress Maggie Ezerzer, Ambassador of the 'Garnier' brand, in a joint environmental campaign for the brand and the association EcoTation to keep the beaches and the sea clean of disposable plastic! View photos from the hot set.


Actress Maggie Ezerzer, who serves as the ambassador for the international skincare brand Garnier, for a special photo day, as part of which a campaign will be launched in Israel in collaboration with the EcoTation Association, to raise awareness of environmental protection while focusing on disposable plastic on the beaches.
Maggie Ezerzer is one of the top actresses in Israel and the one who won two Academy Awards for television and stood out in the series: She Has It, Doubles, The Greenhouse, Friendships, and New York. About a year ago she married comedian Kuti Sabag who won the fourth season of Big Brother and she is now called Maggie Ezerzer Sabag.
The campaign, which will be launched during September, is part of the Garnier brand's agenda, "Green Beauty", which is expressed in encouraging the reduction of the use of disposable plastic and the transition to reusable that is not harmful to the environment, keeping beaches clean of disposable plastic and raising public awareness of sustainability. And the environment, along with the reduction of plastic in brand packaging, components, marketing, and distribution.
Daniela Proski Sion, VP of Communications and Sustainability at L'Oreal Israel, said: "As part of the L'Oreal Group's sustainability strategy, 'L'Oreal for the Future', the brands in the group have also adopted social and environmental agendas. The Garnier care brand focuses on plastic reduction, which is a global problem that affects, among other things, the shores of the entire world, as well as in Israel, where up to 90% of marine waste is almost non-perishable. We are proud to partner with the Association for the Prevention of Coastal and Marine Pollution, to raise awareness and bring about behavioral change to reduce disposable plastic on beaches and at sea. Together, we believe we will succeed in bringing about a change in consciousness and behavior. "
Maggie Ezerzer
From right: Daniela Proski Sion, Maggie Ezerzer, Michal Weimer Luria Photo by Assaf Lev
Maggie Ezerzer
Maggie Ezerzer to Garnier in collaboration with Ecoof Photography Assaf Lev