Maayan Ashkenazi is not silent in the face of the harsh reactions following the separation from Avihai Ohana. In a revealing post, she writes: "I decided to take control into my own hands. I keep the reasons why we broke up deep in my heart."

Maayan Ashkenazi is not ready to be silent anymore !!


In a post in response to criticism of the separation from Avichai Ohana, whom she met at the Big Brother house, Maayan Ashkenazi wrote: "Avichai and I broke up. And believe me, it hurts us more.


3 and a half years ago each of us went on an unknown journey,

we entered a closed house that is filmed 24/7 and we were home to each other in a place where we are supposed to feel most alone in the world.

I will not lie, the fear that our most intimate and painful story came out to the media in a distorted way and in a wave of rumors does not give me rest, so I decided to take control into my own hands.

I admit I have done everything to keep us safe, I have nurtured, nurtured, cared for, and defended like a bulldozer all these years for the honor and dignity of Avichai, and I do not intend to destroy it now or ever.


You will not see here the removal of a follower or the deletion of shared images.


" I keep the reasons why we broke up deep in my heart, along with all the good moments, the less good ones, countless exciting experiences, that made us the good couple we were.

Throughout the period there were many reasons why not, there were a lot of shocking background noises around us from all directions, and despite this, we did not give up and managed to overcome."Maybe the different places we came from, our looks, and views of life are the ones that were stronger than us."


 True, Avichai, and I believed that we were this to the end.


We moved into a large apartment with the thought of family and a common future.

We planned a wedding in great detail and also the honeymoon that followed.

Sometimes, when we plan, someone sits up and laughs.

No matter how much you love the person in front of you, such love, that hurts all over the body, in mature and wise thought we realized that sometimes love is not everything.

It is an important element in a relationship, but it accompanies many other things, which did not work for us.

In moments like this, when my heart is broken, the only question that concerns me is how to proceed from here alone.

With many tears, I want to share with you the sentence that accompanies me from the first day I knew Avichai –


"You have the power of an entire army but you are against everyone and that makes you what you are fighting"

Ashkenazi added.


Maayan Ashkenazi and Avichai Ohana in better days:



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Maayan Ashkenazi and Gili Wiesel at a celeb event:


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