American model  Kylie Jenner is calling on U.S. citizens to go out and vote. She made the call as usual in a bikini:Go out and vote

Go out and vote. Kylie Jenner calls on the American public to go to the polls but despite her friendship with Ivanka Trump the president's house she does not call for his support.

Jenner posted a series of pictures in a bikini in which she calls to come and vote with her and writes: " are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio.. let’s make a plan to vote together".


This is not the Kardashians' first involvement in elections and public activities

Does Kenya West support Trump or run for president?

West has been known for years as a supporter of the Republican Party and also of President Trump but in the past year he has attacked Trump and even announced that he is considering running for president himself. Trump and Joe Biden


 Donald Trump was diagnosed with First Lady Melania  in Corona and hospitalized in the military hospital, but the election campaign continues in full force and the United States wants to know what the American trash family Kardashians think about the situation and it turns out that they continue to be involved.


Kim Kardashian hangs out at the White House

She is a close friend of Ivanka Trump and her husband Gerard Kushnir. kim went to a meeting in the white hose accompanied by her lawyer Sean Holly.

kim was bhiend US President Donald Trump pardoned to Alice Mary Johnson, who is serving a life sentence for drug offenses.

Kardashian is promoting prison reform with a view to changing the conditions in which prisoners are imprisoned and the United States incarceration system, and has called for the release of Alice Marie Johnson, a woman sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking as part of a cocaine trafficking network, Kardashian received a pardon from  Trump in June 2018. She is also active against gun violence in the United States. She also spoke at the White House as part of her reform efforts where she sat next to Ivanka
Kylie Jenner
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but are you registered to vote? click the link in my bio.. let’s make a plan to vote together ??

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