The Corona also came to the house of the reality queen: the Kardashian family
After her husband separated Kenya West contracted the virus in early 2020. Kim Kardashian and two of the children also contracted the disease and suffered from its effects towards the end of last year.

Kim Kardashian is used to sharing with her fans almost everything in her life. but it was precisely the fact that she contracted Corona together with a girl that the network star managed to hide for a good few months.

The news comes from a reality star who revealed the secret she kept on-screen as part of the show's last season on Channel E, in an episode that aired in the United States last Thursday.

So where did it all start?


appear to be. In fact. almost the entire family became infected with the coronavirus after their youngest son. Saint. was the one who started the chain of infection when he was exposed in the academic setting.

As a result. the filming for the reality show was stopped for about two weeks.

Kim's remarks:


"We check the kids once a week because they go to school and are in a capsule. "she said on screen. "one of the kids at school is positive. and my son was around him.
North and I felt really sick. we were checked before bed and in the morning we found out we were positive. "

In the final episode. which aired over the weekend and revealed the sensational revelation.
Kim said she failed to study for her first certification exams as a lawyer. due to weakness and pain.
In the end, Kim failed to pass the minimum grade for the degree. Bummer.

Kim found solace in the fact that she and all four children she and her soon-to-be divorcee. Kenya West, had stuck together.

"I and all four of my babies were all infected with corona," she tweeted last Thursday. "At least we all stuck together and now everyone's fine"


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