First exposure: Kendall Jenner has been chosen to lead the RESERVED fashion chain's global campaign for Fall Winter 2019/20. The collection will land in Israel in early October

After campaigns with world stars including: Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Adva Ova and Irina Sheik, the Polish fashion brand, RESERVED, which landed in Israel exactly a year ago and was a great success, once again reaches out to the stars and launches the biggest campaign to date. The brand's Fall-Winter 2019/20 campaign was chosen to be led by Kendall Jenner – an icon of contemporary pop culture, social media queen and international model with 116 million followers on Instagram.
Kendal Jenner
Reserved – and Gozia 69.90 NIS, Kendall Jenner Skirt price 119.90 NIS Photo of sandstone
Jenner, which is high on Forbes' list of best-known models, is without a doubt one of the biggest pivots in the fashion world today.
In the campaign video for RESERVED directed by Gordon von Steiner, Kendall becomes the star of the most iconic Italian films and reveals a natural acting talent as she dances, seduces and flirts with the camera.

The surrealist video takes place in a baroque Italian villa where Kendall Jenner daydreams and plays various characters. In one scene she is an Italian aristocrat from the old movies, in another a crazy retro girl immersed in dance, a young rebel from the nineties and a mermaid swimming in a large aquarium.

Kendal JennerReserved – Kendall Jenner T-shirt price 159.90 NIS Photo of a sandblaster


Kendall changes many faces in the campaign and mentions, among others, the sophisticated Sophia Loren in the film "Marriage, Italian Style" and in another scene the nerdy Natalie Portman in "Leon". The RESERVED collection for fall-winter 2019/20 is the source of these inspirations, through which the iconic main character expresses her fantasies and longings. The collection will arrive in Israel in early October and will include the various immortal styles represented in the campaign. Black leather skirt, light pink trench coat, classic black trench coat, deep dark red mini dress and more. Gordon von Steiner, screenwriter, director and choreographer of a reserved video – "Kia Kendall!" Worked with major fashion houses from Prada to Gucci and created the previous RESERVED #ILoveYouCindy and #IcanBoogie films. Stylist Jacob K is responsible for Kendall's appearance in the new campaign. Jacob previously worked as a partner with Kendall on the cover of her Italian newspaper Vogue. Kendall Jenner – Fashion Phenomenon – At just 23 years old she already has a nine-year career in fashion. Her career began at age 14 when she appeared on the cover of Paper magazine with her sister Kylie Jenner. She soon became a teen star, becoming the "face" of "Vogue Teen". Today, after almost a decade in the industry, it is difficult to name all the goals she has starred in. One of the most important is definitely the cover story of the French "Vogue" on the occasion of the magazine's 95th birthday. Since then she has starred on the covers of prestigious magazines around the world and in campaigns of luxury brands like Marc Jacobs, Belmain, Miu Miu, Longchamp or Altozara and in the new autumn-winter season 2019-2020 she becomes the face of RESERVED. The 116 million followers on her official Instagram make her a phenomenon of today's pop culture, her charisma, energy and extraordinary beauty give added value to the fashion world. Kendall Nicole Jenner is a supermodel and American celebrity and is considered the most lucrative model in the world. She made headlines following her participation in the reality series "The Kardashian Family", in which she stars alongside brothers Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Chloe Kardashian, Courtney Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Brody Jenner, Casey Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Burt Jenner including Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner with whom she also launched a clothing collection marketed exclusively on the PacSun chain.





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