Hot Celebs News: Singer Itai Levy, TV presenter and model Jordan Wiesel and network anchor and TV star Neta Barzani will model together for a jeans campaign. Watch the hottest pictures.

The Lee Cooper fashion chain has chosen, for the fourth season, singer Itai Levy as the brand's presenter. In this framework, he will star in the Fall-Winter 2020/21 campaign. Alongside Levy, TV presenter and model Jordan Wiesel and network anchor and TV star Neta Barzani, who hold an Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers and star in various TV shows, will continue for another season. Also, both are set to take part in the next season of the race for a million, which will go up in the coming months.

Celeb gossip:

Itai Levy, the son of the mythological Mizrahi singer, Yishai Levy has become an Israeli celeb in the last two years with his role as a judge in the next star and a variety of gossip articles, the most prominent of which was the media farewell to Eyal Golan and Liam Productions. Neta Barzani is an Instagram star and Israeli network who became famous in the Race for a Million program where she competed with her brother Omar Barzani and reached the finals while the two conquered the sympathy of the Israeli public. Singer Itai Levy and after interrupting a filmed affair with Eliav Rahamim, the two were seen as particularly close.
Lee Cooper's new campaign will go up at the end of September, with a budget of about NIS 2 million, and will reveal the winter collections for women and men, as well as the holiday collections. The campaign will go up through the advertising office to the depths of consciousness and will include: billboards, television, digital, magazines, signs at points of sale and extensive activity on social networks. The concept of the campaign is a glimpse into Itai Levy's life as a singer and her father.


Dan Itamar, VP of Marketing and Strategy at the Brill Group, said: "Levy is a leading singer who the audience sees as a significant part of the Israeli cultural landscape and in an age where the media is crowded with messages, Itai Levy stands out and inspires through his music and captivating personality." Also in the campaign to launch the Lee Cooper Kids chain, which recently opened and already has 20 branches in Israel. "
Itay Levy
On the right, Neta Barzani Levy and Jordan Wiesel photograph Ofer Hajib
 Itai Levy
On the right, Neta Barzani Itai Levy and Yarden Wiesel photograph Ofer Hajib
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