Ilanit Levy, the model and TV presenter known as 'Cleaning Sick', was chosen as the presenter of an Israeli cleaning materials brand. Look at the photos from the photo set and try to find out if Levy the cleaning patient was more connected to the cameras or the cleaning materials and the smell of the bleach.

Ilanit Levy who stars on the screens as the host of the lifestyle program "Galit and Ilanit" alongside Galit Gutman and who recently became the stepdaughter of Miel Golan, the daughter of ex-divorcee Eyal Golan from his current wife Daniel Greenberg is known as a cleaning lady which made the new campaign he stars especially natural

. Touch, the Israeli brand of cleaning materials, is launching a large-scale advertising campaign and is recruiting Levy to lead the Levy campaign, which will serve as the brand's presenter and will lead all of the brand's advertising in the next 3 years. The Shaniv-Sasatek Group, which manufactures, markets and distributes consumable products for cleaning and grooming the home, is currently launching a large-scale strategic marketing campaign, aimed at launching a multi-million NIS detergent brand. The company will launch a nationwide campaign. , Even before the holidays, which will include TV, radio, press and digital.

Levy was chosen to lead the campaign. In the advertisement, Ilanit Levy is photographed in different cleaning situations, each time with a different product, while she finally states that she has found the campaign that makes her who she really is: "cleaning patient".

In addition, as part of the move, the brand's products will be revealed, which are characterized by high quality and at an affordable price, and a dedicated website will be launched for a touch in which the brand's products will appear, including instructions and tips for proper cleaning. The presenter Ilanit Levy, who is known as a cleaning lady, will also share tips for thorough and correct cleaning of the house.
Ilanit Levy is a particularly successful choice beyond her record with cleanliness and bleach. This is someone who started her career as a model and beauty queen of Israel and did not make headlines from the gossip columns with the famous marriage and divorce to singer
Eyal Golan after six years of marriage, including the steak and chocolate slice when the two are the parents of Liam Golan and Elin Golan. In recent years with big brother winner Eliraz Sadeh with whom she even submitted a joint program on Channel 24 nine years ago. Since 2018, she has been developing a TV relationship. They are the presenter and model Galit Gutman, the divorcee of the photographer Ziv Koren, and together they upload their sweet lifestyle program every Friday on Channel 12, including the experiences of famous divorcees.
Ilanit Levy
Ilanit Levy presenter of the brand Touch Photography Omar Wieder