Gai Nativ, the Israeli, winner of the Oscar for directing the film "Skin", came to visit his homeland with his wife and baby daughter.

Gai who has been spending the last few years in L.A. And accustomed there, apparently, to the best, did not compromise even on his visit to the country and asked to drive the best car there is.
His friends directed him to the showroom of the Oriental Company, an importer of Jaguar and Guy left with a Jaguar vehicle, which served him faithfully during his entire week of the visit to the country, which included meetings with family, lectures, and screenings of his award-winning film.
On the right, Danny Eini, Rami Waxman, Gai Nativ. Photo: Assaf Levy
To end the experience, when he returned the vehicle last night (Tuesday), Guy did not forget to be photographed with Danny Eini, CEO of Mizrahi, and Rami Waxman, VP of Marketing.