A huge peace challah, weighing 15 kilos and above it Israeli and Ukrainian flags are made by the Biga chain

and delivered to the Ukrainian Embassy in Tel Aviv


During the traditional ceremony in Ukraine, with the arrival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah Netanyahu in Ukraine,

the Prime Minister and his wife were honored with a Ukrainian challah dipped in salt.

The prime minister tasted the challah and when she approached his wife she threw it to the floor.
This behavior has garnered much criticism in the media in Ukraine and around the world and caused a diplomatic and media incident
Following the incident, the Biga chain decided to prepare a peace challah, hoping that it would lead to a softening of relations and a better relationship.

PM  uploaded a response video on Facebook:


Where he said he was:
"on a historic visit, but it is doubtful it would have received the media upgrade without a case started".
According to him, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine said himself that :
"it is clear that Mrs. Netanyahu had no intention of not respecting Ukraine, this is complete nonsense."
Netanyahu added that:
"she came dressed in the national clothes of Ukraine, yellow and light blue, when she got off the plane, to honor the country.
If this is what it takes for this visit to bring about an extended free trade agreement, and other important things, fine. Let it be so.
It reminds me that even the Japanese Prime Minister's historic visit to Israel,
which was followed by a huge increase in Japanese investment, no one covered,
but only the fact that the last dish was served on a plate in the shape of a shoe.
So what can I tell you, I think we've caught the patent. We will continue with that. "


Accept the moment of the incident in which Sarah throws the bread into the flor:



After the unpleasant incident created by  Binyamin Netanyahu wife , comes to her defense in a video he published:


Embassy staff who were moved by the gesture invited Lior Heinitz,
a confectioner from the Biga chain,
to the Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations that will begin
next week, August 25, 19 and to bake them a variety of breads unique to the Ukrainian tradition.

Sarah Netanyahu bread
Photographer Assaf Lev