Famous dogs

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Famous dogs.
Who are the celebs who raise the cutest dogs in the swamp?
Which dog has its own Instagram page?
Who received a gift dog from an anonymous fan and which dog was part of a farewell agreement?
All the details in the next article.


Michelle Truni's heroic rescue story has garnered a lot of media exposure and puts in the right place the best friend of human beings – the dogs.

But there is a "normal" dog and there is a famous dog that gets fame and coverage thanks to the house he got to visit.

The head dog in Sikra came to its owner as a gift and immediately won an Instagram page.

Zohar Bar Dollar – a gift from an anonymous fan


A year and a half ago, an alumni fan sent a Pomeranian dog as a gift to reality star Avivit Bar Zohar.

It took her two days to upload a post and open an Instagram page.

Amos – TV star


Asi's dog has been helping Ezer and Albert with them for nine years.

A few days ago,

Asi published a post with pictures of himself and Amos from a joint campaign for Reebok and told about the meeting between them nine years ago.


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Baloo – Over 56K followers on Instagram


If you're like Blue's parents, you have 56.1k followers.

Coral Simanovic and Sergei Roberto maintain an active and cute pillar of their sweet Blue Dog Poodle Toy.


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Famous dogs
Formed dogs. Screenshot from Instagram

Day celebrations go to Ray the descendant


Ann Zivi,

the star of the dictionary race is raising his sweet offspring this season named Ray who celebrated his one-year birthday yesterday.

Congratulations to Ray, no doubt you won.


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A parting relationship and a new dog


The breakup of Ben Zini and Taylor Molkav refuses to make headlines even though it has been six months.

One of the contentious issues in the breakup was the common dog.

After all, the dog remained in Zini's possession.

Liran Danino, Molkav's new partner,

saw how sad she was and needed a new dog,

and surprised her with a cute little lump of fur.

Famous dogs
New love and a new dog. Screenshot from Instagram