Dolly Parton Challenge. In an amusing post on Instagram, American singer Dolly Parton presents four of her performances according to their matching to the social network, We Loved!

The Dolly Parton Challenge conquers the celebs of the world. In the last decade, dozens of social networks have sprung up. Each social network serves a different social need. In Post Parton, she composed four photos from her long career and for each photo, the social network she is most suited to

. Parton added the sentence: "Get you a woman who can do it all." Agree that it is definitely not easy … Thousands of people participated in the "Dolly Parton Challenge" which swept all the celebs in Israel and all the celebs in the world and published a series of 4 photos suitable for various social networks. Prominent among them were the Israel Defense Forces and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who allegedly uploaded photos from Facebook, Twitter and the Telegram, as well as an Instagram photo with his wife, Sarah Netanyahu, and he gave up on Tinder.
In blue and white, pictures of Minister Yaakov Litzman, Haim Katz, Netanyahu and Bitan were posted with the caption bribery and breach of trust. Dolly Rebecca Parton-Dean is a 74-year-old country singer who has been exceptionally married to the American glamor world since 1966 to the same husband, Carl Dean, who is out of the spotlight.
Parton has gained fame as a pop singer and actress. Again, which sold more than a million copies and conquered the country and pop charts. She starred in Jane Fonda's film "9 to 5." and played so well that she was even nominated for her role in the film for the Golden Globe Award.



Parton and Dolly the Sheep

As a sex star with a sexual appearance and a large breast, she has become a sex symbol during her years of activity and one of the most revered craftsmen for the Latvian public around the world. Following her large breast, the first sheep to be cloned from a mammal's udder was called the "Dolly the Sheep

." Parton often laughs at the matter of breasts. In an interview, she said that her measurements are 40-20-36, and on the Sunday Night Live program, she participated in a parody of her chest, in which extraterrestrials with larger breasts who laughed at her breasts "the size of a melon" allegedly came to Israel. Although she said that she had a breast transplant, she refused offers to be photographed naked and said with humor that she would reconsider it at the age of 100. In the news, celebs are waiting.

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