Doa Lipa expresses support for the struggle of Palestinian families against Sheikh Jarrah. Natalie Portman joined and attacked in Israel. Ofira Asaig: "Deal with your broken career! You are not Israeli".

Hollywood attack by Doa Lipa and Natalie Portman against Israel

If disturbances and missiles in Israel are not enough, we are now being attacked around the world.

International singer and model Dua Lipa expressed support for the Palestinian struggle in Sheikh Jarrah against the evacuation of Arab families.

Lipa uploaded a story with the hashtag #SAVE SHEIKH JARAH in which Jerusalem appears alongside the Palestinian flag.

It is possible that this is part of Lipa's new affair with Anwar Hadid, the brother of Lebanese models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

In the past, the British singer has published an antisemitic post of IDF soldiers attacking Palestinian children and a violent post against IDF soldiers.


Natalie Portman shares with Davis


Another bad surprise was recorded from the direction of actress Natalie Portman, who was born in the capital city of Jerusalem.

Portman shared a post by actress Viola Davis that portrays the rioters as victims of the occupation.

In Israel, attacks are back.

The celebs in Israel did not remain indifferent and the TV presenter Ofira Asaig attacked Portman again:


"Deal with your broken career. Israeli you are not.

Come to Israel, feel the booms and crying of the children up close, cheeky."

Whoever surprised with the harsh response was also Aki Avni who had previously collaborated with Portman.

Avni wrote: "In the name of what is hatred.

Who do you want to impress? Why in every post do you tell us that you love Israel that you actually really really really do not!

Whenever you have the opportunity to jump on your "beloved" country,

you do so with love! Always at the forefront of international artists attacking Israel.


Doa Lipa
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Doa Lipa against Israel


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Aki Avni's full post attacking back


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