Wedding stars at first glance among their new couples: Hagar and Nir, Dennis and Hadar, survival star singer Regev Hod and his wife, Neta Alchimster, chef Tom Aviv, Ira Dolphin, Michael Lewis, and more, arrived at the launch of David Beckham's glasses line, which sent a greeting video To the citizens of Israel.

משקפי שמש של דיוויד בקהאם
Wedding stars at first glance at the launch of David Beckham's sunglasses for Iroka Photography Gil Hayun
The Erroca chain, which imports David Beckham's eyewear brand to Israel, received a personal video of Beckham's surprise last weekend, congratulating the citizens of Israel on the occasion of the international launch of the eyewear collection he is designing.
In the video, Beckham told the residents of Israel: "I hope you and your families feel good during this challenging time, so I wanted to send a short message to the residents of Israel and thank you for all the support of the DBeyewear brand. Although you had to put your plans on Hold, I wish "We should return to normal times as soon as possible. In the meantime, stay safe and strong. I look forward to hearing about the launch, I'm sure it will be amazing. Thank you for your support, it is very important to me, see you soon."
The person who met David Beckham face to face was the Israeli Neta Alchimster, the presenter of the Eroca network, who flew with Eroca executives before the Corona (January) to Milan to participate in the international launch event and be photographed for a campaign this week in Israel, with an investment of NIS 1 million.
כוכבות חתונה ממבט ראשון דובי הדר מור והגר
Wedding stars at first glance Dovi Hadar Moore and Hagar Photography Gil Hayun
A limited festive launch event, in accordance with the laws of Korna, held at a luxurious penthouse in Gindi Tel Aviv, as part of which the David Beckham's 2020 glasses collection was unveiled for the first time, where the joint campaign was also unveiled. Came to measure: Chef Tom Aviv, came as a fresh couple wedding stars at first glance: Hagar and Nir, Dennis and Hadar, also came: Maor Finkelstein and daughter
His new partner is Neta Doron, Danit Livnat, Dovi, and Arik. Directly from May Survival singer Regev Hood and his wife Helen Hood, Michael Lewis, Ira Dolphin, and more.
רגב הוד בהקשה של אירוקה
Regev and Helen Hood with daughter Emma Photography Gil Hayun