Singer Dana Lapidot prepares for her first child in a particularly cool rocky belly makeup with makeup artist Michal Sneh.
Get all the equivalent photos and references of Sneh. Celebs News wishes Lapidot that the boy will come out as a kicking rocker like her.

Dana Lapidot, the Beersheba singer who started her career in the band "Hamsa" and completely disappeared from the screens and the glamorous world returned to our lives in the last season of "The Next Eurovision Star" and since then she has not stopped surprising.

The 37-year-old singer and composer who married Yossi Burns last June.

She came with her new husband to the studio of makeup artist Michal Sneh, who works with a lot of celebs in Israel and around the world,

and made up Little Samadja and Alex Morozov on the reality show "The Beautiful and the Nerd."

Sneh told celebs' news about the connection to the torches:

"We met through a mutual friend who connected us after Dana was looking for a pregnancy photo she did in the studio

(Magic Photographers in the North) and Lapidot asked for a pregnancy photo that would upgrade the photos and match her rock personality, a photo that is less sweet."

How was this particular painting chosen?

Usually, before I choose a pregnancy painting I find out the style of inspiration.
Trying to understand the occupation of the couple and what their hobbies are in order to adapt the painting to the personality to the desire and to be a souvenir and experience for life.
I prepare the pregnant for the time it takes for the painting, for the materials I use, and mainly create for them an experience that I pass on with music in order to pass the time in a pleasant and fun way. "

Dana Lapido
Dana Lapidot. Photo by Michal Sneh

Photo credits for Dana Lapidot:
Facial makeup: Ricky Peretz
Hair: Yarit Erez
Styling: Dana Mendel
Studio: Magic Photographers

Lapidot -soon:


Dana Lapidot
Dana Lapidot. Photo by Michal Sneh

Lapidot and Yossi Burns in the photos:

Dana Lapidot
Dana Lapidot. Photo by Michal Sneh


Lapidot, singer, songwriter, composer, and model of makeup:


Dana Lapidot
Dana Lapidot. Photo by Michal Sneh

Lapidot – becoming a mother:



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היום נפתחה שנת הלימודים, אני מאחלת המון בהצלחה לילדים ולהורים! ?? עוד רגע אני עצמי הופכת לאמא, מתחילה תקופה חדשה, זה מרגיש ממש כמו לעלות כיתה או להיכנס לגן חדש… אני מתרגשת בכל שלב ושלב ובעיקר מתחברת לעצמי ולתחושות המדהימות, החדשות שאני חווה יום יום. ועכשיו הגיע זמן לנוח לקראת השלב החדש בחיים שלי.. אני מצפה לו כל כך ❤️ @ellarokah_makeup @sami_yehezkel @chen_hava

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