Singer and actress Dafna Armoni participated in the discussion of the Committee for the Advancement of Women on the subject:

harming independent women in the face of closure and economic restrictions and said:

"I cannot make a living – I will change professions and start working from home through the zoom."

Dafna Armoni
Credit Photo Knesset Spokeswoman






Dafna Armoni :


"I have no way to make a living because I am an artist and I want to create a fund that will encourage entrepreneurship for women."

The celebrities also come for turnips.

The Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women and Gender Equality held a discussion this morning (Monday) on the issue:

Injury to independent women in the face of closure and economic restrictions.

Singer and actress Dafna Armoni went up for a zoom talk at the committee and said:


"In my profession, we have been sitting for a long time without workability.

During that time I barely managed to perform twice.

I have no way to make a living because I am an artist and I want to produce a foundation From home through the zoom. "

Dafna Armoni on the committee. Knesset Spokeswoman Video

Committee Chairman MK Oded Forer said that within the Corona crisis there is the pot of economic pressure following which those most expelled to the Knesset were women when the independent women were hurt several times over.

"We asked for data from the Ministries of Finance, Labor and Welfare and the data we simply asked for They did not arrive and this indicates the government's response to this incident. "

MK Meirav Michaeli:


For two months now I have been waging a struggle and the tax authority has given irrelevant answers –

it's just a delusion that after drawing the attention of the tax authority to the problem they are arguing with me about how many women suffer from it.

MK Michaeli:


"Perhaps they will make a switch there in the tax authority.

The refusal to make adjustments and that they will actively 'knock' women who are doing a free parenting job

– the tax authority goes against women in a form Insufferable".


Dafna Armoni
Photo: Yaniv Nadav / Spokeswoman for the Knesset

Committee on the Status of Women.

Dafna Armoni posted on Instagram : 


in the good life before the corona started with the children



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