Celebrity big brother is a British reality game based show created by John De Mol in 1997.

The show aired from the year 2001 to 2018. It was first premiered in the United Kingdom.

Celebrity big brother

The following show has a huge fan following and a significant audience with great views about the show.

The following show has successfully done 22 series,

and all of them went well on television.

The audience claims that the reality-based games that take place in the following show are what amazes them the most.

What's the game format of the following show?

The celebrity big brother show contains some tasks,

games and other things which the different celebrities have to perform.

The tasks are given weekly and have to be performed in a limited time to increase winning chances.


The contestants are entirely isolated from the outside world and live in a custom-built house

with every facility except the mobile phones and the internet.

The contestants' every action and behavior is under surveillance 24/7.

While the contestants live together, they have to observe others

and nominate any two contestants for valid reasons.

The contestants with the most votes will be disqualified and removed from the house.

The nominating process is mandatory to nominate others

and increase the chances for their winning.


However, the housemates are not allowed to discuss the nomination

as it will be counted against the rules and will result in disqualification.

What are the features of the celebrity big brother show?


The celebrity big brother show has some fantastic features and a game format.


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