Britney Spears Instagram, the pop star that all the kids of the 90s grew up on her songs,
Lost it in the early 2000s and since then the celebration has continued.
What did she do this time?


Britney Spears Instagram says oops I did it again
We say – that someone will put an end to it quickly.



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Britney posted this bizarre video with the headline: "Last Video"

Of course, it does not stop here.

A short stroll on Britney Beach's Instagram page

Raises a gloomy picture and especially raises concerns

Does Instagram not have censorship?

Grief for pop stars.



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All of these things connect together to Brittany's ongoing lawsuit against her father, in which she tries to break free from her father's legal guardianship.

Brittany is known to be afraid of her father, and this week in court, her lawyer reacted that way to the verdict and said she would not appear again.

But can she at all?


During the hearing which took place on Tuesday Britney's lawyer who also represents her mother, Lynn,

He explained that the singer and her father did not have a "functioning and lasting relationship", and the two did not talk "for a long time".


"The father's lawyer, Vivian Lee Thorin, explained that the situation was like this because that was how her lawyer advised Brittany."

She noted that Britanti's father brought the value of her assets to about $ 60 million and he has always acted in favor of his daughter.




The star's fan campaign on social media has been going on for years and was founded in 2009,
The movement calls for the singer to be released from her tyrannical father in the belief that he is holding her as a prisoner against her will.

They believe that there is a hidden code in Spears' various posts in which she calls for help.

After Spears' mental collapse in 2007,
The divorce from Kevin Federline and the loss of custody of her two children, the mental breakdown was expected and the beginning of a slippery slope.


Everyone remembers the harsh images of Brittany shaving her head and sprouting,
After the incident she was forcibly hospitalized and admitted to drug and alcohol rehab facilities, happening without a few Disney stars,
But with Britney, well.

It was the design of the consciousness of the 90s generation that crossed the 2000-mouth broke the front of glitter and pink gum,
All these glam can be too much in the US entertainment industry when you do not know how to manage it properly.

So we asked an Israeli pop star what she thought of the current crisis.


And this is her response:



But we wish our favorite pop legend health.


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