A celeb was born. At the end of a tense duel after extra time against Israel Oglebo and after a disqualified jury vote, Sheikh Asi Buzaglo won first place in the survival program.

Asi Buzaglo, who was Maor Buzaglo's brother and became a leading celeb and sheikh in his own right, won tonight's reality show v.i.p after a tense battle with former big brother winner Israel Oglebo.

The final program stretched just like the 60 episodes of the current season and at the end a mini-drama took place after the show's production disqualified one of the contestants' votes and even consulted the World Survival Program system at the end of the vote. Voices. Another round of voting took place live, at the end of which Bouzaglo was announced as the big winner of the All-Stars season. Throughout the program, Israel Oglebo and Assi Bouzaglo were allies and loyal to each other The gossip even after the plan did not return to normal.
Idan Habib and yarden gerbi voted for Buzaglo in the second round and he was declared the big winner and won the million shekels as mentioned last night in the first semi-final program, Buzaglo also won the car and the title of crowd favorite. Immediately after the win, Jordan Jerby said: "He deserves and all the respect to him." Ilana Avital, Alina Levy, Ido Kozikaro and Regev Hod also voted for Buzaglo. In an interview with Yael Bar Zohar on Guy Lerer's show immediately after the win, Buzaglo said: " I still do not digest the win. The road was important to me.

I fought both on the road and in playing the game and I thank Kadosh Baruch Ho ".

" I promised on the island that if I won I would buy a house for the children and that was a window that came true. Many many thanks to kisses and hugs to everyone who chose me as the loving survivor. Be good people and good things will happen. " Buzaglo added that after the victory all his family members joined him on stage, including his wife Adi Buzaglo in a pink dress, Ohad Buzaglo's sister-in-law and ex-wife Fanny Buzaglo and of course the brothers Maor and Almog. In the past, Asi Bouzaglo and Ohad Bouzaglo have also tried to compete in the million-dollar race program that began airing during the Ultsars season at the end of Survival.

The drama of the rejected voice

This morning there were alleged reports from Ynet's culture correspondent Ran Boker that Bnei Baruch's vote was disqualified after Israel Oglebo allegedly promised him NIS 100,000 from the winnings in exchange for support and that as a result Benny Baruch's vote was disqualified. The social media wanted reports that Asi Bouzaglo's had an alleged recording of the matter.
The network responded: "In light of a claim that has surfaced in recent days before a survival production that one of the jury votes as done on the island allegedly violates the rules of the game, the production company subject to strict international format rules, examined the claim in depth and clarified the issue." The test and clarification also included an update of the owner of the International Survival Format. At the end of an in-depth examination process it was determined, in order to prevent any doubt that this vote would be disqualified and not taken into account the votes of the last survivor.

To maintain the secrecy of the voting process, the handwritten ballot papers as written on the island will not be revealed. Faithful and under legal supervision, the vote of the other jurors on the island, without the disqualified vote.

Asi Bouzaglo
Asi Bouzaglo Wins Survival v.i.p Screenshot from Channel 13
Asi Bouzaglo
Asi Bouzaglo Wins Survival v.i.p Screenshot from Channel 13