The successful makeup artist and YouTuber, Ashley Waxman Bakshi gave birth to her son, the fourth in number this past weekend at Ichilov Hospital

The successful makeup artist Ashley Waxman Bakshi, who is also known for her imitation in a wonderful country as Ashley Bakshi Dakshi, gave birth to her fourth son this weekend. Ashley has two daughters and a son at home.
Recently published that she was hospitalized due to a dangerous virus while suffering from labor pains. Good time!
The channel was a tube of Ashley Bakshi Waxman Bakshi, one of the leading celebs in Israel and who also conquers the various gossip sites, has several hundred thousand subscribers who regularly watch videos of the network star who became a businesswoman with professional videos in the fields of beauty, beauty lifestyle and fashion.
Waxman Bakshi holds with her partner Idan Bakshi Another YouTube channel called “Behind the Bakshis” in which she presents the routine in her life as much as possible to attribute a routine to Ashley Waxman Bakshi.
"Waxman Bakshi not only documents the daily life of Kabbalah with Varshet but also provides viewers with an intimate glimpse into her private life, including a closer look at the births of the girls. Baby Bakshi ”who received insane exposure on the net, so if I ever wanted to know what the life of Israeli celebs looks like from the inside, it's time to follow Bakshi's channels.
Bakshi in the Corona
During the corona, she raised a storyline that shook his new celebs and the network when she exercised in the gym and did not ostensibly follow the Ministry of Health procedures and endanger her family and the public. A few hours later, Waxman posted an apologetic post on Instagram in which she explains to surfers that this is a friend's private gym and that she listens to all the instructions mainly because of her four children.
“I uploaded the picture earlier today in Story and got a bombardment of messages that I was irresponsible for going to the gym. It is important for me to clarify: my regular gym is of course closed like all gyms in the country. I am lucky to have the opportunity to practice in a private place that is closed to the public. Today I trained there all alone. Again, I am very lucky to have a friend who does me a favor that he lets me practice here.
אשלי בקשי
Ashley Bakshi Waxman in a video from the channel had her tube. Screenshot