In her most revealing video ever, beauty priestess Ashley Bakshi Waxman reveals that she is battling cancer after returning a five-inch lump in her breast and discovers that she suffered from surfer attacks after not being able to breastfeed due to breast surgeries and implants. Celebs News wishes only health.


" Hey, guys. I have been debating for a long time now and when to tell you … so today I just sat and told. Will be fine sure love ♥ " Follow me also on Instagram Ashley Bakshi I" I came back from yoga and I will take it down Ashley Bakshi Waxman opens the video while she takes off an irrelevant handkerchief and explains why she is not wearing makeup. In an exciting and revealing video that lasts 19 minutes, Ashley Bakshi Waxman exposes the prominent and salty celebs on the networks and in Israel to deal with the fear that the lump that returned to her and was discovered in the breast is malignant.

 Ashley Bakshi Waxman
Ashley Bakshi Waxman screenshot from youtube
" I planned to go to yoga in the morning to go back and shoot a video about skincare products. This was the plan for today but in the background, a lot of things are happening and I am debating how to provide for you and when to provide for you and if it is at all right to share. And there was something in the day class in yoga that I went into a kind of deep meditation and I managed to disconnect when I got out of there I felt like now I have to go turn on the camera and tell you. "Part of me, if God forbid bad things to happen, then there will be documentation of who will stay behind me."
" It's not going to be easy for me …. I'll start from the end and then I'll tell the story. The end is that I have a very large lump in the breast and I'm probably going for surgery. When I was 16 for the first time I felt a lump in my breast and went to a family doctor while I was still living in Canada. There are times when these things inside the body can change and then they become cancerous. At 16 I was afraid of surgeries and biopsies and also the doctor said just be monitored and see that it does not change and does not grow. I immigrated to Israel I came to the army and I felt this thing grew and grew and grew until at the age of 25 I went to surgeons in the country and they told me that it must be taken out. The tumor was 5 inches the size of a corner pong ball. At the age of 25, even before I opened his womb, I had surgery to remove the lump that was sitting under my nipple on the left side. The surgery also included plastic surgery. There was a fear that the breast would be asymmetrical. I also inserted double-sided implants. "


"For the first time, I say that at the age of 25 I made silicone implants."


" A lot of times people actually got into me for not breastfeeding my kids. I did not want to be one of those who justify themselves and I never opened it and did not defend myself but because of the surgery, I could not breastfeed. I had a very hard time dealing with the attacks for not breastfeeding my children. During my pregnancy with Sofia, I started noticing that something was strange with the implants. "After I gave birth I made an appointment with the plastic surgeon and he said that after a decade and four pregnancies the implants need to be replaced. It started with debating about plastic surgery.
" The official answers stated that there was a high suspicion of the findings and that I should have a biopsy and probably surgery. I currently do not know where it stands I want to promote breast cancer awareness because the fear of it is something I have been living with since I was 16 and early detection saves lives. I recommend checking all the time. "On the one hand I am scared and on the other hand, I am very optimistic that everything must be fine. One of the reasons I have been doing so many things in the last year to maintain my health I strongly believe that cancer and such diseases are related to stress and I have changed my diet."
In the end, Ashley said: " I have days like this and days like these I love you I do not want to stress you out. You will be there to strengthen me and love me and this is a good day.